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Hats are a very elegant part of the apparel industry. Any formal or casual outfit can look classy when contrasted with a fashionable cap or hat. If you are a brand owner looking forward to starting a hat clothing line, your approach is right.

And if you are just a reader looking for the perfect hat material, you have come to the right place. This is the blog containing all the information about the variety of materials used in hat-making. You will get to know the fabrics that are most suitable to manufacture caps and give them the quality people admire.

Let’s begin with a detailed guide to enhance your knowledge of the fabric materials of caps and hats.

The Most Popular Hat Fabrics

This piece of text will give you several types of fabrics that are used in manufacturing hats and caps. Mostly, people wonder where they can get perfectly manufactured hats in order to start their business. The text can only help you gain knowledge about the materials, but you can always take the help of a professional custom hat manufacturer to take your dream project to the next level.

This is because manufacturers with skills have the ability to carve fabrics into perfect hats. Here are some popular hat and cap fabric types you need to know about:


Cotton fabric for hat

Cotton is among the natural fabrics used to manufacture hats and caps. Although hats are manufactured with a combination of cotton and other synthetic materials, cotton has a hypoallergenic nature, which is why it prevents rashes and irritation. The protective properties of cotton make it perfect for manufacturing hats.


Nylon fabric for the hat

If you want to look good and feel comfortable in the summer, nylon caps and hats are perfect for you. Due to being made with recycled plastic, they are breathable and lightweight, which induces great feel and comfort. Also, nylon doesn’t lose its shape after being washed since it isn’t shrinkable. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy the durability.


Polyester fabric for the hat

Polyester has moisture-wicking properties, which makes it one of the best fabrics to manufacture hats. You will stay cool and dry during your day-out activities. As polyester is a synthetic material, it is considered a durable and waterproof hat material. Polyester is used in making workout headwear, dad hats, also known as baseball caps, summer hats, etc.

Poly-cotton Blend

Poly-cotton blend fabric for the hat

A poly-cotton blend is a mixture of cotton and polyester used to manufacture breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable caps. The ratio of fabric in poly-cotton hats and caps is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. However, it can vary according to a person’s choice. You can also have hats with ratios of 65/35 or 80/20.


Wool fabric for the hat

Wool is an organic material famous for winter headwear. The fabric is used to make the most stunning beanies to wear in cold weather. Many hats and caps are made with woolen materials, as they provide good protection against the cold. You can always customize your hats as per your preferences.


Linen fabric for the hat

Linen comes from the organic fabric family and is extracted from the flax plant. It has a cotton-like feel due to being breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable. Also, the hats made from linen offer great style.


Buckram fabric for the hat

If you want sturdy brims for hats, buckram is the fabric you should consider. It is used to manufacture stiff and reliable baseball hats. So, buckram fabric can enhance your baseball performance along with your fashion sense. Interestingly, horsehair and linen were used to make buckram, but now cotton is the most commonly used material to create buckram.


Plastic fabric for the hat

It sounds odd that plastic is used in manufacturing headwear. But some of the very classic hats for women are made of plastic. They are good for showcasing your fashion sense at beaches and other outdoor spots. The most prominent property of plastic hats is that they are very easy to clean.

Fur Felt

Fur felt fabric for the hat

Fur felt is used to make felt hats made of hares, beavers, camels, mohair, or rabbit hair. The fabric consists of hard-to-separate fibers due to being a pressed felt material. This forms a long-lasting, non-woven garment surface.


Acrylic fabric for the hat

Acrylic is a synthetic fabric popular for being a very durable material for hats. It is widely used in making snapback hats, which are very popular today. These hats have high insulation that prevents cold. Acrylic is considered a good alternative to wool and is used to make very stylish beanies.


denim fabric for the hat

Denim is a well-known fabric used in jeans, jackets, shirts, and other apparel products. It is also a very productive material for creating fashionable hats and caps. The best examples of denim hats are dad hats, snapback styles, distressed hats, and other caps best for biking, cycling, and running experiences.


In order to become a fashion expert or even start a hat clothing line, you need to know which fabrics are used in different types of hats. Each hat material type functions differently in different weather conditions. Some caps and hats are made for winter or cold weather, and some are designed to offer breathability, lightness in weight, and durability. In both scenarios, manufacturers create comfortable headwear for brands and other clients.

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