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Mega Apparel is a reputed custom apparel manufacturer in the USA and has been leading garment production for over 12 years now, specifically in manufacturing custom apparel. We strive to assess the needs of our clients, having served over 2000 brands all over the world till now.

All our products promise exquisite craftsmanship. We provide immediate solutions to all custom apparel requirements, including screen printing, embroidery, private labeling, cutting, sewing, and much more.

 Trusted Custom Clothing Manufacturer For All Garment Products

Our Services

Clothing Brand Design Services

Mega Apparel is an ideal support for small and large-scale startups, as it serves them by offering brand design services. Our qualified and professional fashion designers turn your ideas into something eye-catching. We provide detailed digital mockups, tech packs, pattern designs, and logos to ensure your brand's completion and success.

Cut and Sew Manufacturer

We are experts at providing the finest apparel across the USA to brands with high custom apparel requirements. Our cut-and-sew services take place using highly advanced machines and a professional set of hands. Our skilled and highly creative workers carve your preferred apparel products in the most perfect way possible.

Private Label Clothing

Being a bespoke manufacturing firm, we are renowned for our private-label clothing services. Our customization and design options help brands create their own identity. Considering you want to launch a hoodie brand, we are the best hoodie manufacturer to help you achieve your goals with our premium private label services.

T-shirt Manufacturer

We understand the limitations and heights of the fashion industry, which makes us a truly reliable manufacturer. We can turn your dream of becoming a t-shirt brand into a reality. We use the finest quality fabric to create durable and stylish shirts that can make your brand popular among customers.

Custom Embroidery

With Mega Apparel standing by your side, you don't have to worry about an expert pattern maker. Our embroidery technique is special and helps us make aesthetic clothes for you. If you are looking for a manufacturer with amazing custom embroidery skills, Mega Apparel is the right place for you.

Custom Screen Printing

Being a fashion manufacturer with great knowledge of printing methods, custom screen printing is a piece of cake for Mega Apparel. We can turn your apparel into something that every age group can call extremely attractive. In short, you will get outstanding quality outfits due to our screen printing methods.

All Over Sublimation Printing

Our design and production team is skilled and efficient at applying sublimation printing to the clothes you require for your brand. We assure you that the outcomes will be brilliant and very appealing. With appealing apparel items, your brand will get good recognition among your competitors as well as customers.

Sportswear Manufacturer

We understand the desires and needs of our loyal customers. We know what kind of fitness routines they are following, and so we are all set with the skills of manufacturing sportswear for field gamers and fitness lovers. Name any activewear you want, and we will make it for you

Kids Clothing Manufacturer

Leave the crucial thinking part to Mega Apparel and launch your kids clothing line right away. We can help you create your kid's clothing brand by manufacturing the cutest and most durable outfits. Whatever idea you possess, share it with us and see the wonders happening right before your eyes.

Leading Clothing Manufacturers in USA Promise Premium Quality Products

M ega Apparel is a home for superior-quality apparel without the contamination of any low-quality material. The most skilled individuals in the house create and manufacture our clothing. From cotton to spandex, you name any piece of cloth that requires complex construction, consisting of any fabric, and we will deliver you a masterpiece better than your expectations.

We are the USA clothing manufacturers believed to be a one-stop solution for all your apparel requirements. If you are looking for a manufacturer that is the best at providing quality clothes and the services you can enjoy, we are the best option for your clothing brand

Top-Rated Apparel Manufacturing Company With Full Customization Services

Becoming a brand is not tough when expert made-to-order clothing manufacturers create perfect fashion outfits for you. There is no need to look elsewhere since we are running our operations just as your brand requires. Our customization and clothing manufacturing services are proficient and vast enough to end all your worries regarding the perfection of clothes. From designing to completing a single product, For example, a t-shirt, our efforts in providing limitless customization options justify our reputation.
Our customization techniques include:

 Apparel Manufacturing Company

Custom Clothing Manufacturer for Startups Meets Your Requirements

Being the finest and most reliable garment manufacturer for your brand, our goal is to ensure hassle-free manufacturing in order to create the finest quality apparel. This includes fashion clothes, streetwear, casual wear, and customized apparel per your requirements. For 12 years and counting, we have maintained our reputation in the fashion apparel industry by helping thousands of startups, which are now leading with high selling rates. Our manufactured products have turned them into renowned brands today.

Even if you are a manufacturer in need of a helping hand, Mega Apparel is a reputed custom clothing factory that can meet your needs and take some of your burdens away. We are bulk producers of fashion apparel with small-scale production facilities and would like to cater to brands as well as small-batch clothing manufacturers.

Best Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses Offer Affordable Costs

Small businesses, like new business owners launching small-scale brands or low-end manufacturers, require a quality custom clothing manufacturer to begin or expand their venture. We are proud to inform you that our clothing manufacturing process can meet your needs. Consider us your support in the fashion industry, and see yourself rise in the industry.

Choosing a reliable apparel supplier might seem difficult when you're running a small business intending to leave a mark as a pioneer clothing manufacturer; we get it. With our vast experience as leading USA clothing manufacturers, we are motivated to provide you with solutions to all of your manufacturing necessities. If you are launching your own jeans brand or helping a brand by manufacturing jeans for them, Mega Apparel is the perfect jeans manufacturer that can help both businesses.

Why Choose Mega Apparel?

Mega Apparel has a hassle-free manufacturing process and believes in providing customers with an in-depth clothing manufacturing experience. Our custom clothing manufacturing of high-quality products ensures a supportive and comfortable experience. We are an experienced and popular fashion clothing manufacturer that can help you focus on the quality and affordability of our products.

Affordable Cost Structure

With Mega Apparel as your budget-friendly clothing partner, you are free to begin your venture without worrying about high prices. We offer the most reasonable prices on products to our clients and help them groom in the apparel industry. Our low MOQ is 35 to 50 pieces per color and design, and you can mix the sizes.

Our Support and Guidance

You can partner up with our team to get the best custom look. Being the highly ranked and recommended sports and fashion clothing manufacturers in the USA, we tend to provide you with ideal clothes made of superior quality fabric. Our professionals are always ready to help you throughout your journey. We are inclined to satisfy our customers with our services and the products they need at premium quality.

Fast Turnaround Time

Mega Apparel leads the industry with its fast turnaround time and quick delivery services. It takes 20 to 25 business days for your sample delivery and 25 to 30 business days for bulk order delivery. However, the turnaround time depends on the order quantity.

One-Stop Solution

Our simple and easy ordering process can assist you in getting the finest quality apparel in the fastest way possible. We are the one-stop shop for your brand, as you can see from the diverse range of products we offer. Choose the ones you need.

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