Mega Apparel Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Mega Apparel

The confidentiality of our clients is our main concern. Therefore, we do not disclose the client’s information to any third party except our authorized entities—manufacturer(s) or supplier(s)—to the legal authorities (under legal circumstances). Clients can request copies of the records by giving us prior notice. As per our agreement, we request that our clients retain and keep relevant copies of information containing the details of the provided services. Our clients’ trust is undoubtedly vital to us. Therefore, we discard the details (collected through their browsing on our website) after reviewing them.

Delivery Partners and Cost

We are associated with the top carriers (DHL, FedEx, Dubai UPS, and Sky Net). Our professional relationship with them helps us with worldwide courier services. We would like our customers to know that priority mail from our courier associates (FedEx and DHL) may take up to 4 to 5 days to arrive. Per DHL’s service track record, the delivery might take up to a week to arrive in Canada and the United States. Also, we might partner with other service providers that are considered suitable for a specific delivery locality. Delivering products comes under the domain of our delivery partners. Thus, we are not bound to take any accountability for delivery. The companies handling the delivery process keep us updated regarding the tracking information. However, we will not be responsible for any setbacks or shipment losses. In the event of any glitch resulting in shipment loss or product damage, the clients will have to pay for the products again if they wish to continue with the order. If shipping companies refuse to waive the shipping costs, the client will have to accommodate the charges.

Order Canceling Conditions

Clients are allowed to cancel their order within 24 hours after completing the payment process. The order will not be canceled after 24 hours since Mega Apparel manufactures custom products based on customers’ requirements. It is important to note that you cannot cancel your order once it is placed or during delivery. The order will be canceled automatically within two months if the customer fails to respond or approve the sample provided to them. In such a scenario, the customer will have to place the order again and pay the complete invoice again.

Delivery Delay

Our customers are responsible for providing us with accurate addresses and contact details. In the event of giving invalid details, neither Mega Apparel nor the delivery service providers will be responsible for the consequences. Customers need to make sure they accept and sign for the product delivery at the time of arrival.

No Refund / Return Policy

Refunds and returns of products will not be accepted for customized goods once shipped or delivered. We make custom products according to customers’ preferences and requirements. In case of any changes, they are supposed to let us know during the manufacturing and sampling processes.

We will provide all the essential information, including tech packs, mockups, pictures, videos, and everything you need to verify the products’ perfection. We will begin the bulk production right after the customer’s approval. However, if the customer places a bulk order directly rather than checking the samples, we will not be held accountable for any errors, quality flaws, incorrect sizes, or any other problems that may occur with the products.

Fabric Planning & Sourcing

Mega Apparel offers a wide range of customization options for every product. We source good-quality fabric from the market for small-scale production. We offer knit fabrics with unusual blends. We use 100% authentic and accurate fabric when customers place an order (minimum quantity) of at least 1000 pieces or more. We tend to use the best-quality fabric to start bulk production.

Turnaround Commencement

We will send you an order summary within 24 to 72 hours of payment completion, which begins the turnaround time. Customers are advised to review the order summary thoroughly. It will not be altered once it has been sent to production.

Production Process Delay

Factors including the availability of fabric or too many changes in the samples can delay the production process. It roughly takes 25 business days to complete an order, which is the time given to the customers. However, we will keep communicating with you throughout the production process and inform you about any delays.

Shipment Delay

Mega Apparel will store products for only 15 days after the completion of the production process. Customers will be charged $50 per day after 15 days. If the customer is unwilling to pay an additional storage fee, we will not be held accountable for the products. MegaApparel reserves the right to start shipping products without the customer’s approval if they fail to respond within the mentioned duration. Also, we won’t take responsibility for damaged or faulty products after that. eserves the right to start shipping products without the customer’s approval if they fail to respond within the mentioned duration. Also, we won’t take responsibility for damaged and faulty products after that.

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