Custom Leggings Manufacturer

Custom Leggings Manufacturers Excel at Creating Comfortable Leggings

Customized leggings are in demand among consumers, as they are perfect for fitness as well as daily routines. Mega Apparel is an excellent supplier of leggings due to its knowledge of the fashion industry, customization services, and production capabilities. You can become a brand by availing yourself of all of our facilities.

High waisted Leggings Manufacturer Offers Great Quality Fabric

We have the best quality fabric to create premium-quality, sweat-wicking high waisted leggings for your legging clothing business. If you are in search of the best sportswear clothing manufacturer to design your fitness leggings, Mega Apparel is the perfect choice for you. Our fabric options include cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon, and several other blends to create comfortable, durable, and breathable leggings.

Women wearing different colored high-waisted leggings
A woman is wearing seamless leggings in front of the wall

Seamless Leggings Manufacturers To Offer Easy and Affordability

Mega Apparel is the most creative and advanced tights manufacturer to create custom-tailored fitness Spandex leggings for startups and known brands. Our seamless workout leggings are the best for every individual, and we even make plus-size tights as per the demand and requirements of clients.

Gym Leggings Manufacturer Offers Various Customization Options

In terms of offering customization services, Mega Apparel has proven itself to be the best custom clothing manufacturer with limitless customization options. We create gym leggings of perfect quality by using modern techniques. Our customization methods include cut and sew, embroidery, fabric dyeing and washing, and multiple printing methods. The best fabrics, like moisture-wicking, provide extreme comfort and ease that suit athletes the best. You can improve your brand's identity with us in no time.

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Custom Printed Leggings Manufacturing

Printed Leggings Manufacturer With Diverse Printing Techniques

With our profound printing methods, we give your apparel products uniqueness, style, comfort, and perfection. Mega Apparel’s traits are far beyond those of any competitor. As a yoga pants manufacturer, our expertise is in creating workout pants and yoga leggings; all other types of leggings are created with effective printing techniques. We offer:

  • Silk Screen Print
  • Flock Screen Printing
  • Water Based/Pigment Screen Printing
  • Discharge Screen Print
  • Digital Printing
  • Puff Screen Printing
  • Etc

Private Label Leggings Manufacturer For Your Uniqueness

Mega Apparel is the distributor of the finest quality leggings and other apparel products. Our private labeling allows us to give your brand good recognition. We provide customers with useful information regarding the size, fabric, and washing of clothes in the form of labels. We offer:

  • hang tags
  • satin labels
  • Heat printed
  • woven labels.
  • Tyvek Labels
  • Etc
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Why Choose us for Your Legging Brand?

Our experienced Professionals

Associating with Mega Apparel as a leggings factory can take your brand to new heights of success. Our professionals are the best at making aesthetic apparel as per your brand’s requirements.


We are highly motivated to provide custom-made leggings at prices you can consider affordable. We provide market-competitive costs to our clients for their ease. You can design your own activewear leggings, and we will give you the perfect final product at a reasonable price.

Our Minimum Order Quantity

You can always place a big order since Mega Apparel knows how to handle challenges. However, our minimum order quantity is still available for you. You can get 35 to 50 pieces of athletic leggings at a low MOQ.

Fast Turnaround Time

Time is everything. The sample is delivered to you within 20 to 25 business days, and the final and completed order takes 25 to 30 business days.

One stop Solution

We are in charge of every single process during your whole journey. No matter what your problem is, the solution lies with us. Thus, you can completely trust Mega Apparel with your clothing questions.

Support team

If you have any questions, we are a text or call away. Our dedicated team is at your service 24/7. We listen to you with patience and make sure to release you from all your clothing worries to make this experience seamless for you.

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