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Sportswear Manufacturer Offers High-Quality Sports Clothing

Every athlete needs to enjoy their journey with the best-crafted sportswear. Mega Apparel has the means to help you enter the realm of athleisure wear to boost your brand’s growth. We provide the perfect blend of comfort and style to give you astounding sports exposure you won’t even get from great designers.

Activewear Manufacturer with Perfect Customization Options

Mega apparel provides a range of options to meet your preferences regarding the activewear products. From adding a touch of uniqueness through embroidery and private labeling to high quality dyeing and printing methods, customization is our testament to a unique style.

Perfect Activewear Manufacturer
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Athletic Wear Manufacturers Offer Premium Private Labeling Services

We, as a private label activewear manufacturer, add a glow to your brand’s identity. The plethora of options, from text hang tags providing care instructions to printed labels instructing the use of fabric, embody functionality and artistry.

Performance Wear Manufacturers With Good Fabric

High-quality fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon, mesh, etc., ensure excellence. The designs promise breathability and durability to help you travel through the kingdom of fashion and sports with comfort.

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Private Label Fitness Apparel Manufacturers

Mega Apparel comes with a range of private label clothing options like woven labels, text hang tags, satin labels, screen printed labels, and more, committing to quality and a high standard. We, as sports apparel makers, aim to embody your vision by ensuring optimal performance through our private label fitness apparel.

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Why Choose Mega Apparel for Your Startup & Brand?

Our experienced Professionals

Opting for Mega Apparel as a Sportswear supplier opens the door to a dedicated and experienced team that aims to take your brand to new heights. We have a proven track record of designing aesthetic garments that meet your brand’s expectations.

Price competitive

We are highly committed custom clothing manufacturers determined to create a meticulous line of sportswear in our factory to tailor your needs. Embrace the advantages of Mega Apparel and convert your fitness vision into a remarkable reality.


Flexibility and scalability are always important for pioneers. Mega Apparel's door to mass production is always open, as it offers a low minimum order quantity. The strong minimum order requirement of 35 to 50 pieces sets the foundation for brand growth.

Fast Turnaround Time

Mega Apparel realizes that time is of the essence. Thus, once the sample is approved, it arrives at your doorstep in 20 to 25 business days, and the complete product order takes 25 to 30 business days to reach you.

One stop Solution

Every aspect of the whole process, from conceptualization to sports clothing production, is under our control. Mock-ups and tech packs are also a part of Fitness apparel manufacturing that we deal with and manage. Nothing goes wrong, and you enjoy your journey with Sportswear items from Mega Apparel.

Support team

Our unwavering team is ready to assist you at every step. No matter what queries you have about sports clothing, nothing will go unanswered. Whether it is about design, order status, customization, or any other problem, we are just a message or a call away. We are a guiding force in providing you with an exceptional experience.

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