Custom Screen Printing Services

Efficient Custom Screen Printing Services For Your Clothing Brand

We specialize in custom screen printing techniques to offer customers good customization of clothes. The vibrant colors, shades, and prints applied to the apparel by our professionals bring out the true essence of apparel in terms of fashion and esthetics.

All-Over Screen Printing

All-over screen printing is a simple process in which one complete side of any apparel product is covered. Since we are the best at sublimation printing, our customized product reflects perfection. The custom screen printed heat transfer process is what we use to conduct the process.

Flock Screen Printing

The Flock Screen printing method also goes by the name "flocking". The technique takes place by adding adhesive, dye, and limitless tiny fiber particles to any apparel product. These particles can be created from synthetic or natural materials such as rayon, polyester, cotton, or nylon.

Glow in The Dark T-shirt Printing

Mega Apparel is the best custom t-shirt manufacturer to offer glow-in-the dark t-shirt printing. The special ink is mixed with phosphorus to enhance the designs. The ink glows in dark. We can apply that to any color, but white and gray are the best ones to consider.

Puff Screen Printing

In puff screen printing, foaming agents are used to create a specific 3D effect to make designs unique. This method turns the design into an eye-catching one and gives the entire apparel an outstanding look. We are best at providing all sorts of printing techniques.

Plastisol Screen Printing

Plastisol screen printing is efficient since the ink gets adhered perfectly to the garment. Hence, giving the apparel a stunning look. They are made of PVC particles that don't let the ink get dry inside the screen. Plastisol printing gives apparel an appealing look.

Water-Based Screen Printing

Our special water-based screen printing technique softens the prints and adds more details to the physical feel. More importantly, the method is environment-friendly, fun to handle, and much more durable as compared to applying plastisol inks. With the help this method, your products get stunning prominence.

Cracking Screen Printing

A special ink is used for this technique of printing. The ink dries and takes a cracked shape. Then heat is applied to dry it and make the cracked look more prominent. This method is common for manufacturing apparel with vintage looks to specify, jackets, shirts, and sweatshirts.

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge screen printing is used to imprint dark colors onto clothes and give them a darkish appearance. They are particularly created in order to deactivate dyes used on organic materials. Mega Apparel utilizes all the resources perfectly to offer this printing technique in the most efficient way possible.

Foil Screen Printing

The flock screen printing technique is applied to fabrics with the addition of a specified glue substance. Then the foil gets attached to the glue after applying a heat press. The combination of temperature and pressure seals the foil. Our skilled workers create ideal products through this method.

3D Screen Printing

Mega Apparel manufactures apparel use 3D screen printing, which helps in creating 3-dimensional designs on the fabric and hence gives the apparel item a standout look.3D printing machines are used by our experts in this method to elevates a design pattern on a product.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is basically used to print images and design patterns on apparel products. Our skilled team effectively uses this method to create clothes with appealing patterns for startups and big clothing brands. You can get design and image printed on clothes with our silk screen printing.

Custom Screen Printing For Apparel Goods On Demand

Mega Apparel understands your need to begin a clothing line. That is why we have offered customized screen printing to our clients so that their apparel requirements can be fulfilled. The special services are proposed to you on demand. This means your requirements will be catered to by our skilled team. You will have to let us know about your color preferences, patterns, and designs so that we can begin the process of creating art on your apparel.

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