Cut and Sew Manufacturing in All Garment Products

Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturers With Advanced Means of Customization

Mega Apparel is a cutting and sewing customization specialist and a skilled, market-leading custom apparel manufacturer that can develop products and help you build your own clothing line. Our cut and sew services can help you create the most ideal clothes for your brand.

Basic Patterns

Basic patterns are used for flat pattern designing to create body-fit apparel. Our cut and sew apparel manufacturing services have ensured our clients the delivery of basic precut fabric patterns in the most efficient way. We can help you with all of your cut-and-sew projects. Mega Apparel is a qualified t-shirt manufacturer that can design the perfect, high-quality shirts for your brand by applying the right cut and sew options.

Fashionable patterns

Mega Apparel is the most renowned manufacturer catering to all cut and sew clothing brand to add creativity to apparel products through premium cut and sew customization. With the help of our prototyping facility, we bring ideas to life and present to you precisely what you want. With more than 11 years of experience in the fashion apparel industry, we strive to help you achieve the milestones you truly desire.

Special tailoring

Mega Apparel, the leading cut and sew manufacturer, creates the apparel through special tailoring using certain techniques, including embroidery, all-over sublimation printing, custom screen printing, and laser cutting. We offer specified manufacturing and tailoring services for your specific fashion apparel products like t-shirts, jeans, trousers, leggings, hoodies, and all the items of your preference. We can also alter your sportswear if you are willing to launch your own sportswear brand.

Women Special Patterns

We understand that women's apparel has a set of requirements that are hard to comprehend due to their complexity. However, Mega Apparel has a team of highly skilled professionals who can do the impossible. Therefore, our designers can meet your needs by creating ideal women's apparel using cut-and-sew techniques. Our efficient pattern making techniques ensure the prominence of designs on the apparel products to enhance the esthatics of your outfits.

Sizes and Fitting

We manage and take care of all the consistent measurements across all sizes (S, M, L, and XL). As far as our cutting and sewing options are concerned, we tend to make products of exact fit and style, ensuring fit and cut consistency and premium level quality. Our sizing and fitting accuracy can be reflected through the perfect plus size clothes we make for women requiring above average size clothes.

Affordable Custom Cut and Sew Services With Minimum MOQ

Being the USA’s top cut and sew company, our products are manufactured at affordable costs for you. Our prices depend on the order quantity. Our MOQ is 35 to 50 pieces. You can get as much customization as you need.

11+ +
500 +
2000 +

Our Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing Process

From scratch to a finished, quality apparel product, Mega Apparel fulfills your every requirement. Our manufacturing process is simple and extremely beneficial for your brand.


Pattern Creation

We will give you mockups and tech packs with all the information about your clothes. Based on your design, As a reputed custom apparel manufacturer, we will design a pattern for your product using our cut and sew services.


Fabric finalization

Our production team will begin sourcing the finest quality fabric for your products and provide you with a sample.


Cutting and sewing process

With the natural fabrics, cutting, sewing, and stitching, involving all the preferred services, will take place to make and shape your apparel item.


Designing and product development

We are the fashion industry's leading manufacturer of cutting and sewing equipment that offers fast production service. Your design will proceed further to the designing and product development part, where our fashion designers will commence their designing process.


Sampling process

You will get samples before deciding on the final product to start your own cut-and-sew clothing brand. Based on the samples, you will guide us regarding any changes you want to make to the final product. If not, then the approved sample will be considered final.


Bulk Production

As per your approval, our team will commence bulk order manufacturing. With all the options necessary for production, we will carve your unique apparel for your clothing brand. Considering you are starting a jeans clothing line, the top jeans manufacturer, Mega Apparel, will finalize your product at the exact time.


Quality assurance

Before delivering your order, our quality assurance team will check the quality and finishing of the products since we like to keep our customers satisfied with our services.


Delivery and turnaround time

We have the fastest turnaround time as a leading fashion apparel manufacturer because we are associated with the most renowned shipping companies. Our sample is delivered in 20 to 25 business days and the final product in 25 to 30 business days.

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