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Mega Apparel understands the high demand for stylish hats due to the increased headwear market. We know what’s best for startups and running businesses, and thus, we manufacture the best caps and hats in all styles possible.

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Premium Cap Manufacturing Company Design Custom Hats and Caps for You

We are a team of dedicated USA hat manufacturers specializing in creating customized, stylish hats and caps. We have the expertise to manufacture superior-quality headwear for every occasion.

Our range of fashionable caps includes sports headwear, beanies, baseball caps, dad caps, bucket hats, cowboy hats, and many others, according to your customization requirements.

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Top-class Private Label Hat Manufacturer

Private Label Hat Manufacturers Offer Vast Labeling Options

Mega Apparel is the most reputable custom headwear manufacturer among clothing brands due to its specified services. Among the services, private labeling clothing is extremely preferred by the clients since we provide amazing quality tags and labels with all the necessary information imprinted on them. You can choose the best label for your clothing by associating with us.

Cut and Sew Hat Manufacturers With Special Tailoring on Demands

With Mega Apparel’s special and customization services, manufacturing caps and every other apparel product becomes easy. With our cut and sew clothing, you can shape your clothes however you like. All you have to do is give us an idea, and we will carve out the best and ideal products for your brand.

A collection of cut-and-sew hats, including baseball caps, fedoras, and beanies
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Best Manufacturer For Fashion Apparel Brands

Our tailoring services are the best in terms of creating outstanding outfits. We design and create t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, jeans, swimwear, gym-wear activewear, and everything that comes under the fashion apparel domain. Mega Apparel is the finest custom t-shirt manufacturer to design the most exclusive and highest quality shirts for every startup and established brand in the apparel industry.

Best High-Quality Hat Manufacturer Enhances Your Brand’s Standards

Mega Apparel is the hat supplier of the new era in the apparel industry and can certainly make your fashion brand bigger than ever. We can accomplish your headwear needs by making trendy caps and hats at affordable prices.

We are the perfect hat cap manufacturer company that excels in designing and production of headgear. You can depend on our production facilities to get any customized hat of your choice. You can even present your ideas to us in order for us to create ideal fit caps to begin and run your startup.

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Make Your Own Custom Hats With Our Premium Customization Services


With our embroidery customization, you can enjoy the patterns and designs of your liking on your hats.

Printing Methods

Our printing methods include screen printing (discharge, puff printing, flock Screen Printing, High Density (3D) Printing, and other) sublimation, Direct to Film (DTF), Direct To Garment (DTG).

Fabric Washing

Our fabric washing includes enzymes, preshrunk washing, silicon wash, acid wash, bio wash, and burnout for the good processing of the materials.

Fabric Dyeing

In our fabric dyeing process, we utilize processes including direct dye, tie dye, reactive color dye, dip dye, neon dye, and sulfate dyeing.

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