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Professional Embroidery Manufacturers for Your Apparel Needs

Among other apparel customizations, Embroidery leaves a promising mark on the quality and finishing of clothes. At Mega Apparel, we offer premium custom-embroidered apparel to startups and big clothing brands. You can turn your apparel into artistic masterpieces with the help of our embroidery facility.

Advanced 3D Embroidery Service

Mega Apparel offers computerized 3D embroidery to enhance the imprinting of patterns on clothes. We have opted for three-dimensional embroidery due to its high efficiency rate in creating clothes. 3D embroidery requires a great deal of work. So, our production team puts a lot of effort into making the best products for your brand.

Puff Embroidery

Puff embroidery gives designs a 3D look by stitching the embroidery thread over a foam piece. Luckily, we are the top embroidery clothing manufacturers in USA that create designs effectively by utilizing puff embroidery. Our services have already satisfied many brands across the US. Our puff embroidery allows us to manufcture apparel in a promising way.

Custom Patch Embroidery

Our custom embroidery patches are a great way to build your brand’s identity. Our skilled team can make patches in all forms or sizes, as per your requirements. We have the best fabric options to create the best quality products and carry out the design process and create the most appealing design patterns.

Custom Regular Embroidery

The regular embroidery process is about digitizing the designs and patterns into computer software applications in artwork form. We then convert the specialized artwork into thread in order to create a 2D artwork. Then the computer passes the process on to the machine to start embroidery. Our custom screen printing serves the purpose in the finest way possible.

High-Quality Sports Team Embroidery

Mega Apparel is a one stop solution for your apparel needs. Our embroidery services are always available for your sports brands. We make custom logos using our embroidery techniques and the special skill set of our trained professionals. We can turn your sports clothing startup into a charming and popular brand.

Tackle Twill Lettering Embroidery

The tackle twill method of embroidery is a certain way to attach a patch to a garment with a satin embroidery stitch. This twill lettering technique is among the most popular ways to leave a good imprint on clothes. If you need perfectly embroidered apparel, Mega Apparel is the perfect place to come.

Expert And Skilled Embroidery Services

Mega Apparel is the right manufacturer for you if you need expert and professional embroidery services to design clothes for your apparel brand. We offer all the relevant facilities, including several customization methods, private label clothing, and multiple printing techniques to create ideal-fit apparel. You name any product, like hats, jackets, t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, uniforms, or even sports clothes, and we will create your clothes in the most perfect designs possible.

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