Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers Committed to Ethical Production

Mega Apparel is a leading eco-friendly clothing company committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing of fashion apparel products. We strive to maintain labor and environmental-friendly processes to carry out efficient production processes.

Eco Friendly Clothing Manufacturer With Measures to Reduce Carbon Emission

To produce eco-friendly textile products, Mega Apparel takes precautionary measures to overcome carbon emissions. In order to do so, we use biodegradable materials, solar energy, recycle water, and reuse industrial waste. Also, we are equipped with machinery that is energy efficient and highly environmentally friendly.

Eco Friendly Clothing Manufacturer
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Customization with Sustainable and Ethical Garment Manufacturing

Our means to customize apparel and give them a sustainable design are absolutely eco-friendly and highly ethical. We take accountability for providing you with customization services that reflect admirable circular fashion trends as well as sustainability. We offer embroidery, cut and sew, printing methods, fabric washing, fabric dyeing, sublimation, and private label apparel manufacturing.

Sustainable Supply Chain Production

Being a reliable custom clothing manufacturer, we consider work ethics a priority. Our sustainable supply chain manufacturing includes excellent working conditions for our labor. We offer them market-competitive wages and easy working conditions. We have hired adults of their own free will and never availed of any child labor services under any circumstances. We take care of our employees like family and provide them with proper medical care if needed.

Sustainable Supply Chain Production
Spread Environmental Positivity in Terms of Manufacturing

We Spread Environmental Positivity in Terms of Manufacturing

Mega Apparel understands the transparency and importance of keeping the environment healthy. Which is why choosing us would be your most wise decision. We manufacture apparel from materials derived from landfills to save drinking water, avoid pesticides, and keep the environment clean.

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturer with Reasonable Cost Structure

To help startups grow in the fashion industry, we tend to offer customized products with eco-friendly means at affordable prices. Also, we have set the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 35 to 50 pieces for every brand, whether small or large-scale. With us, you get products created from non-hazardous materials at prices you can afford.

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Eco-Friendly Materials to Create High-Quality Apparel

Organic cotton instead of conventional cotton

Mega Apparel uses sustainable materials to manufacture the finest-quality fashion clothes. We use organic cotton without any toxins or synthetic chemicals. As a result, the consumption of water and energy gets reduced to a minimum.

Bamboo without fertilizers

We use naturally grown bamboo material to indulge in ethical fashion production. Due to being a natural fabric, it doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers.

Hemp fabric

This particular fabric comes from hemp crops, which are great for reducing water consumption as they require very little water to grow. It enhances the soil's nutrients to help its health. We use such materials to create eye-catching apparel products.

Recycled Polyester

The recycled polyester we use is one of the standard materials to utilize in order to manufacture quality fashion clothes. This material comes from waste such as used water bottles and plastic bags. It helps in utilizing the energy coming from waste.

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