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Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer With Premium Products and Services

Mega Apparel is the leading clothing manufacturer for small orders, which makes us perfect for every new startup willing to begin a small-scale clothing line. We offer high-end services, unique designs, and fully customized apparel products.

We Believe in Quality Over Quantity

Our production team is trained and skilled in terms of creating the highest-quality clothes using the finest fabric. You may not want quantity due to being a small business, but quality is a must for you. This is why we never compromise on the quality of any product.

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Efficient Crafting With Careful Customization

Being the perfect custom clothing manufacturer, we tend to offer premium-level customization options to clothing brands. Our services, including embroidery, cut and sew, fabric dyeing and washing, and several printing methods, allow us to craft the apparel in the most efficient way. Our production team is always careful while creating any product and the quality assurance team ensures the best quality and accurate finishing, which is why our products are created with perfection.

Small Batch Cut and Sew Expertise

We believe in on-demand manufacturing, and so you can avail of our small batch production facilities along with all other services. Being the best cut and sew manufacturer, our cut and sew services are excellent in terms of crafting an apparel item in the most ideal way. With our help, you can give your products any shape, size, or color.

Low moq premium cut and sew manufacturing
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Flexible and Efficient Production

If you are looking for a manufacturer for a small clothing line, Mega Apparel is the perfect choice for you. Our production capacity is efficient and flexible, as we can make as many products as you need. If you don’t want to place a giant order, our low-volume production is always an option for you. We are leading with more than 10 years of experience in the apparel industry, and thus, our company aspires to make your apparel more and more smooth at every production phase.

Private Labeling Options

Private labeling is a necessity of every small-scale brand in order to enhance the user engagement. The labeling options should be accommodated in the very beginning of business setup process. Mega Apparel is the leading private label clothing manufacturer to offer premium labeling options, including satin labels, woven labels, heat-printed labels, hangtags, and tyvek labels, to make your products standout.

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Top-Rated Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer for Your Small-Scale Brand

We are the one-stop-shop for your clothing line, as we can fulfill all of your needs. Being the best and most renowned small-scale producers, we offer a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) to all small batch brands interested in starting sustainable fashion clothing lines. Our MOQ is 35 to 50 pieces.

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Benefits of a Low MOQ

Low risk factor

A low MOQ option results in hassle-free business management. In case you are unable to run your brand effectively or experience losses, then a low quantity of clothes will not cost you much and you will not face any investment burden.

Multiple Products Option

With a low MOQ, you will have multiple options for products. You will not have to go for only one product. For example, you can start a brand with more apparel products since the investment will be low. Also, you can choose a product that is created with eco-friendly fabrics, as they are of higher quality.

low-budget brand

If you are starting a business with a low budget, you will not have to worry about big capital investments. You can always get minimum quantity and well-tailored production clothing services at reasonable rates from us.

Various brand openings

The apparel market is big enough to accommodate multiple businesses. You can choose to start multiple small-scale brands by using the low MOQ option. For example, you can launch a t-shirt brand, a hoodie brand, a legging business, and many others. You can get minimum quantities of apparel products for each business.

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