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Types of different hats

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Hats add charm to classic clothing. Whether you want to look stylish or casual in either winter or summer, hats can play a vital role. There are so many types of hats that people don’t know about. They might recognize the caps and hats but not be able to tell the difference between the two.

When the word hat comes to mind, the image of round headwear comes along with it. likely the same image you just saw in your mind. However, there is so much more to this beautiful term “hat” that we don’t’ already know about.

Brand owners with an idea about the fashion apparel industry may understand the importance of headwear in the market. If you are just a reader trying to gain knowledge, this blog can be of assistance.

Here you will see the names of caps and hats, along with the visual representation, qualities, uses, and fabric needed to make all sorts of hats. I have gathered the information on the most popular hat styles for you so that you can easily rely on your knowledge to either start a hat business or become an individual with great information.

Why Do You Need to Know About Hats?

Like I said, hats are an extra piece of apparel that adds class, style, and beauty to your fashion and dressing sense. Also, the hat types in various forms provide safety, comfort, traditional fashion support, etc. Moreover, knowing about the headwear can make it easy for you to launch your brand.

The reason is that when you approach a reliable hat manufacturer, because you will need one to manufacture the most amazing and ideal caps for your brand, you will have all the information on which hats and caps are perfect for your business to satisfy the customers.

This way, you can easily guide your supplier to create and customize the headwear according to your requirements.

Other than that, this comprehensive guidance on types of hats and caps will be beneficial for you to decide which ones would suit you better. The history of the hat has shown its popularity over time, becoming a part of fashion, sports, and fitness apparel.

15 Popular Types of Hats

The different types of hats mentioned below are the most popular among people due to their style and properties in terms of protection and seasonal benefits.

Snapback Hat

Snapback Hat

Snapbacks are highly in fashion in the modern world. The closure is mostly made of plastic. It usually has buttons to tighten or loosen it from the back. The closure is one of the differences that make snapbacks different from baseball hats, as they are very similar in terms of shape.

Pork Pies

Pork Pies Hat

Pork pies are a very stylish hat named after a very renowned pastry in the United Kingdom. The style is similar to Fedora. However, it has a rounded crown instead. This very type became popular recently due to a character in a famous TV series, Breaking Bad. The actor Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, wore it in the series.


Beret hat

Berets have a dark history, as these hats were a part of lower-class people’s attire during the Renaissance period. However, the dark trend took a new turn and became a part of fashion in recent times. These hats are made of acrylic fabric and have a round shape. They are soft in texture with a flat-crowned style, with the addition of some extra material around the edges.

Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

A baseball cap is known for its shape and usage during sports activities. It has a brim on the front, which people admire, as they can wear the hat by changing its position. This hat was popular in 1860 due to the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team that used to play in Brooklyn, New York. The players used to wear the hat. Now, the style also has a fashion element, so men and women can both wear it.

Trucker Hats

Trucker Hat

Baseball and trucker hats are similar. Tucker’s shame is almost the same as the baseball cap. But if we are to acknowledge trucker hats vs. baseball caps, we need to know the difference. The truckers have mesh panels overall. Tucker hats have straps at the back to adjust the fit and hat size. Another similarity between the two types is that they are massively popular.



Beanies are one of the most appealing types of caps in the modern age. They are perfect for cold weather conditions, as wool is commonly used to create these hats. Beanies are popular because of their eye-catching appearance and protection against colds. These properties make a beanie the perfect winter hat for fashion lovers.


Fedora hat

The shape of a fedora is what inspires classy people the most due to its elegant style. An interesting fact about the fedora hat is that it was named after the French play “Fédora.” Actually, it was the character Fedora in the play who wore this hat. Ever since, the type has become massively famous among women. This is why it is considered one of the best types of hats for women.

Other than that, the changes and modifications in the style have turned it into a man’s hat too. This soft-brimmed hat can be made of a variety of fabrics, as per the choice of the customer. It can be unisex as well. So, you can think of it as one of the ideal types of hats for men too.

Trilby Hat

Trillby hat

If you are looking for fedora hat but in a smaller version, trilby is the one for you. This sophisticated hat is another version of fedora but slightly different. It has a short brim and a tapered crown. Trilby looks great on casual clothes. It is usually made of lightweight fabric materials or straws. You can transform the trilby hats in any color you want and add extra beauty by customizing them with ribbons. This makes trilby a good women’s hat.

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

We are all familiar with cowboy hats due to their portrayal in movies and TV shows. These hats are usually made of felt, but previously, cowboy hats used to be manufactured with the fur of rabbits and beavers. In this modern age, cowboy hats are common among teens and adults, as they are worn on various occasions, including informal gatherings, costume-based events, and so on.

Sun Hat

Sun hat

As the name suggests, a sun hat is specifically crafted to protect the face and shoulders from sun and warmth. This headpiece is used to avoid direct contact with sun rays and prevent the skin from getting sunburnt. Its style can vary as per the customization. You can have small to large brims according to your choice. However, the brims are normally 4 to 7 inches in width.

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

The perfect hat for a casual look is a bucket hat. Its shape is like its name, a bucket. It has a downward-directed soft brim and a rounded crown. This hat type is common among both men and women, as it is purely designed for a fashionable look. With the perfect customization, including cut and sew manufacturing and custom screen printing, this item can become marvelous.

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap comes with a flat crown and a stiff, shortened brim. It is a classic vintage hat that offers good style. Textured fabrics or tweed material are used to manufacture this hat. If you want to experience nostalgia, this is the hat to remind you of the old era.

Straw Hat

Straw Hat

The name of this hat is straw because it is a brimmed hat made by weaving from synthetic straws, like fabric taken from plants. The purpose of this hat is to protect the skin from heat. However, it is a very popular style for fashion lovers. Its shape is elliptical due to the flat brim and crown.

The Visor or Sports Hat

Sports Hat

This hat type is a good option for those who like sports hats with no crown. This hat comes with a brim and a strap to protect the face and skin from the sun. This is made of lightweight plastic fabric. It is a good addition to fashion and fitness headwear.

Homburg Hat

Homburg Hat

The Homburg hat is the one for a gangster look. Its crown is what makes it look more prominent, as it gets identified very easily because of the crown. Also, the hat is very appealing and can make you look like a style icon. If you want to have an understanding of the hat and its affiliation with the gangster look, you should see it in the famous Godfather movie, in which the character Al Pacino is wearing it.

What Material Is Used in Hat Manufacturing?

Different types of hats are made of various materials. A good hat material guide will allow you to understand that each fabric type offers diverse benefits to apparel.

Here are some of the fabrics used in manufacturing stylish hats:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Fur felt
  • Denim
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Linen
  • Bukhram
  • Poly-cotton blend
  • Etc.


Hats are an important part of the apparel industry. Whether we go back in time or view the modern age of fashion, caps and hats complete the fashion sense of people. This blog is the most comprehensive guide to help you understand the importance of hats and the variations in styles.

If you are thinking of launching a hat brand or just want to gain knowledge about cap types, 15 types of popular hats are mentioned in this blog for you.

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