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Are you searching for a reliable and reputed sock production company? Mega Apparel is the one for you. We are the creators of top-quality custom socks that can go with every outfit. Our experience and skills push us towards creating durable, comfortable, and highly fashionable socks for you. Starting a brand with our help will only make you successful in every way you want.

Our Prior History of Sock Production and Customer Satisfaction

Mega Apparel has been serving sock brands for more than a decade in terms of helping them with their clothing line initiation and expansion. Being a high-quality apparel manufacturer, we have always been successful in satisfying our customers with high-quality products, fast production, reasonable prices, MOQs, and delivery services.

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A group of custom colorful socks

Fast Sock Manufacturing With High-Quality Sock Materials

Manufacturing socks using high-quality fabric is our expertise. We source the finest materials for your brand, as per your requirements, to offer you comfort along with style. You can name any fabric for your socks, and our production team will use it to manufacture the ideal socks for you in the given time frame.

Limitless Customization and Perfect Manufacturing

Our embroidery, cut and sew, fabric dyeing, fabric washing, and several printing services will be sufficient to create your preferred products. We offer limitless customization. It depends on your imagination, power, and creativity. Let us know about the types of socks you need and give us an idea of the sock sizes, colors, and designs you want. We will give your customizable socks a unique look.

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Premium Custom Socks Manufacturing

Premium Custom Socks Manufacturer in the USA Offers Affordability

Mega Apparel caters to every startup or big brand, whether small or large-scale. If you want to start a clothing line with a low budget, since our prices of products and services are quite affordable, We want to keep our customers completely satisfied, which is why our MOQ is 35 to 50 pieces. With such a minimum order quantity, you can begin your venture and approach your target audience easily.

Premium Private Labeling with the Top Private Label Sock Manufacturer

Mega Apparel understands the needs of brands to showcase their expertise before customers. Private labeling leaves a strong impression on clients by revealing what a product is made of, its size, certain fabrics, and washing instructions. Fortunately, we allow your brand to customize your labels. We offer hang tags, woven labels, satin labels, heat-printed labels, and tyvek labels.

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Quick and Efficient Sock Manufacturing Process

Socks Design Making

Deciding on the perfect design idea for your socks is the first step. You will give us the concept, and our graphic designer will put it in digital format for you. We will show you the mockups and tech packs based on the designs.

Fabric Sourcing & Sample production

Based on the selected design, we will source fabric according to your preferences and create samples for you. Once you approve the sample, we will proceed with the next step.

Knitting, Cutting, and Sewing

The next step is to manufacture the socks as per your needs. It requires perfect knitting, cutting, and sewing. Hence, transforming the materials into ideal socks

Washing & Drying

Once the bulk production is completed, we move forward with the washing and drying of socks to remove any oil residues from the knitting, cutting, and sewing process. This way, you will get good-quality socks.

Boarding Process

The socks go through the boarding process, in which we set their sizes by pulling them straight on the metal feet tool. It is supposed to be accurate since every size is different. So, the production team carefully carries out this process.

Quality Check

The quality check process begins right after the completion of boarding to see if there are any flaws or damaged parts. If none, then the socks are good for packaging and ready for delivery. If it is flawed, then the repair process takes place.

A collection of sewing tools on a white background Sewing supplies, including pink fabric pieces, red and purple thread spools, and a pair of gold scissors
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