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Types of bags

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Bags bring elegance to one’s dressing. We may think that different bags are used for different purposes, which is correct. But what requires more attention is that bags can speak. They can tell about activities, hobbies, routines, and much more. For instance, a bag can tell if you are going to the office for work or to the gym for some exercises.

Women’s bags are also style reflecting and representing objects that go with dresses, occasions, and personal styling. In this blog, I have discussed 34 different and popular types of bags that offer versatility in fashion, professionalism, and casualness. This blog comprises all the bag names that are special in terms of functionality, style, and practicality.

Moreover, This article serves multiple purposes. For instance, I have written it for people who like bags, and brands who wish to deal in all sorts of bags. So, if you are among the business entities or just readers craving for knowledge, this is a very helpful guide.

With the help of this descriptive text, you will get to know how custom bags can do wonders for your business, and which clothing manufacturer is a specialist of manufacturing custom bags.

Bags Represent Lifestyle

This is the 21st century and everything including dresses, performance clothes, accessories, and even hand-carry objects complement each other. People tend to look good, feel amazing, and confident. Therefore, bags are among the objects that are not only a styling element but also a necessity that combines fashion and practicality.

All you need is an eye to see and decide what suits you better. There are so many popular types of bags like purses, clutches, backpacks, travel bags, and even wallets for men and women.

Considering all the important elements, especially the interest of people towards bag varieties, I have come up with certain bag styles and types that can complement your lifestyle in terms of fashion and practicality.

What are the Popular Types of Bags?

1. Hand bag


Hand bags are perfect for women who like to carry their essentials with them all the time. It accounts for a medium size, comes in a variety of colors and has reasonable room for carrying essentials.

The plus point is that the hand bags are very attractive, which caters to the need of being fashionable.

2. Hobo bag

Hobo bag

Do you prefer bags with slouchy appearances? If yes, then hobo type is the one for you. It has a crescent like shape attached with a handle. It slumps all the way down when there are things inside.

You can carry it as your casual bag since its silhouette makes it a casual as well as stylish bag.

3. Tote bag

Tote bag

Tote bags have a very distinct shape, a rectangular shape to be precise. If you are a shopaholic, this bag can be a fine choice, as it is made up of durable leather or canvas fabrics and has a lot of space.

Tote bags are easy to carry and offer a reasonably fashionable look. Customized tote bags usually have images, patterns, and customer-prefered things printed on them.

4. Duffle bag

Duffle bag

Duffle bags are preferable in terms of traveling and carrying sports equipment. They are large in size and have a lot of space. In terms of appearance, these bags have zips on top to easily open and close the bags.

They have rounded sides that add up additional space to carry essentials. They usually have extra compartments for shoes and dirty clothes.

5. Messenger Bags

Messenger bags

Messenger bags can be an ideal choice for you if you like vintage looks because these bags have that ancient vibes you crave. This handbag style is like a purse but larger than satchels with plenty of room to carry essentials.

They feature a front flap that is usually large and a long strap. The overall design and style is perfect for practical use. Soft leather or canvas materials are used in creating the messenger bags.

6. Backpack

Backpack bag

There are many names and varieties of backpacks, including sackpack, knapsack, bookbag, backsack, kitbag, etc. As the name suggests, you carry it in your bag with the help of two or more straps. There is no need to define this type of bag as we all are very much familiar with the kind.

Anyhow, it is usually large and has a lot of room to place things. You must have seen school bags, laptop bags, traveling bags and others that people carry on their back. Rucksacks are usually used for traveling. Then comes the hiking backpacks and many others that are used for various purposes. Any material can be ideal for making such bags, depending on the use and purpose.

For example the backpacks used for trekking or rainy weather have water resistant properties. Oil Cloth made with 100% vinyl is a very strong and water resistant fabric to make bags.

As a backpack manufacturer, our company understands the minute details that are important in crafting the beautiful and practical bags. If you need any help regarding knowledge or manufacturing, we can guide you better.

7. Drawstring bag

Drawstring bag

Drawstring bags feature drawstring closure on the top. It can be used as a multi-purpose bag. For example, you can use it as a pouch, backpack, even a sack to carry the essentials.

It is spacious enough to fit a football inside. However, you can have different sizes as per your requirements.

8. Satchel

Satchel bag

This is a rectangular bag iconic for women to carry only essentials. It features a flap that goes right into the single or double buckle to lock the purse. It has a long strap to carry the bag on the shoulder.

9. Doctor’s bag

Doctors bag

The name of this bag is enough to understand the purpose. However, this type of bag was originally structured for doctors who used to pay house visits to treat the ill. The bag was to carry all the equipment and medicines.

Today, it serves the same purpose but in a more efficient way. It features good room to carry stuff, extra compartments and enhanced practicality. It is very easy to carry.

10. Bowler Bag

Bowler bag

Don’t let the name of the bag confuse you because the name is inspired by the bag used to carry bowling balls. Its shape is very similar to its inspirational bag.

This bag usually comes in a medium size, which is not very big or small. It has short handles to easily carry it and has a very unique shape of a dome positioned on the top.

11. Wristlet

Wristlet bag

Wristlets are popular for being compact and precisely small. They offer convenience of carrying them around easily. You can wear them around your waist as they have straps of reasonable lengths. The plus point is the style, as they are very fashionable.

You can use them with any dress code or outfits. They are ideal for keeping smaller things like keys, cellphones, and anything you wish to keep close while traveling, going to work or any casual as well as formal gathering.

Moreover, wristlets are lightweight, depending on the materials and have very appealing designs. You can call them larger wallets too.

12. Clutch

Clutch bag

Clutches among the popular types of handbags that women prefer frequently to keep essentials close to them. These purses are very compact and classy. They are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, functions, and events.

They are made to carry in hand and put the necessary things only like cash, cards, and keys usually But you can use them as you see fit. The varieties of clutches include envelope clutches, wristlets and many more.

If you are among those who like to keep your load to a minimum and don’t require large bags, a clutch can be ideal for you.

13. Minaudiere

Minaudiere bag

Minaudiere is a small, elegant, and decorative hand-case best suited for storing women’s personal things. Mostly, females prefer keeping their cosmetics close when going to events. So, this bag is perfect for keeping items of such sizes.

Minaudiere are the cases that often have detailed decorations applied on them. For instance, pearls, crystals, or intricate patterns to make them look luxurious.

14. Saddle bag

Saddle bag

Saddle bags are inspired from equestrian heritage. Saddle bags blend function and fashion. These rounded satchels, typically with a flap and long strap, are timeless and popular among those who cherish equestrian elegance. Some modern versions even feature tassels or intricate embroidery, adding style to their traditional design.

Inspired by the rich legacy of equestrian culture, saddle bags seamlessly marry utility with style. These iconic rounded satchels, adorned with flaps and elongated straps, exude a timeless charm cherished by aficionados of equestrian sophistication.

Contemporary iterations often boast embellishments like tassels or elaborate embroidery, elevating their classic form with a touch of modern flair.

15. Beach Bag

Beach bag

Beach bags are specifically designed to stay waterproof. This is the reason they are made of plastic. Morverver, these bags have much room for carrying many things that you can take with you to the beaches. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

It is up to you to choose a bag that has multiple pockets and compartments to put essentials. If you are going for custom bags, you can make them according to your wishes. You can also prefer canvas, nylon, or mesh over just plastic to enhance the durability and style of your bag.

16. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag

The name gives the biggest spoiler that this bag is made to hang on your shoulder. This is also called a sling bag, which is a smaller variation. Saddle and satchel bags are examples of shoulder bags. Coming to the designs, these bags come in a variety of styles and designs.

For instance, two strap bags, one strap, or even three. They have a zipper to open and close them. Multiple compartments do a fine job in providing extra space for your essentials. You can even put a laptop inside if the bag is large enough.

The fashionable bags of today have magnetic closures to avoid the hassle of opening and clothing the zips.

17. Makeup bag

Makeup bag

Makeup bags are usually smaller in sizes perfect enough to keep cosmetics and makeup items. This bag is usually the best friend of girls since it is compact and yet suitable to carry the important makeup stuff. You can even put this bag inside your shoulder bag or keep it in hand.

18. Foldover Bags

Foldover bags

Fold over bags simply fold over like a flap on itself. Or we can say that it rolls over itself. The style is very unique and popular among women. The size is medium, space is regular, reasonable pockets, and expandable straps.

19. Baguette bags

Baguette bags

Baguette bags are named after the baguette bread due to the shape. They are small, rectangular, and have a narrow strap. An Italian luxury fashion brand named Fendi introduced its first baguette bag in 1997, which gained popularity in the early 2000s.

20. Fanny Pack

Fanny pack bags

Fanny packs are the belt bags that can be worn around the waist. They are small or compact in size to carry the essentials such as money, combs, makeup, or anything that fits. It is a typical small carry-wallet that hangs with a belt around the waist.

21. Daypack

Daypack bags

Daypacks are very practical in terms of daily use, usually used by students who tend to carry more things than usual. They are more compact than an average backpack.

The perfect examples can be bags that have spaces for laptop and books because these bags have dedicated spaces for particular items.

22. Kelly Bag

Kelly bags

The Kelly bag is a business bag that resembles a satchel. It is often made of leather with metal clasp in the front. It is one of the highly popular bags around the world.

An interesting fact about this bag is that it is named after a Hollywood actress of the 1950s, Grace Patricia Kelly. According to reports, when the star became the princess of Monaco, she held the bag over her stomach for a photograph.

The bag was to hide her early signs of pregnancy. The very bag gained heights of fame due to that photograph and was named Kelly.

23. Dopp KIT

Dopp kit bags

A Dopp kit is made to carry toiletries. The other name of Dopp kit is holdall. If you are traveling for business or fun, this bag will help you keep the toiletry necessities secure and close. This is the reason these bags are compact enough just to keep the necessary items.

24. Gym/Barrel Bag

Gym bags

It is very easy to recognize a barrel bag because of its cylindrical shape. This bag is famous for its spacious design. It is very easy to carry this bag, as you carry it on the shoulder, or hold it with the help of long as well as short straps.

25. Carryall Bag

Carryall bags

Carryall bags are the best travel bags since they can carry all the necessary things. If you are traveling and want to keep the items like clothes, laptop, purses, etc in one place, this is the bag you should have.

It usually has one big compartment, a few sub-compartments, and some pockets to manage the items according to their sizes and nature.

26. Basket Bag

Basket bags

Usually organic materials like rattan or cane are used to make basket bags. They are perfect for summer fun activities. In simple words, your picnics or day-out plans become easy with these basket bags since they are crafted to carry your snacks, knapkins, towels, and other necessary items that you can take with you to beaches or other informal places.

27. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags have long straps so that you can carry them on your shoulders. They are specifically crafted in a particular way to be worn across the body. These bags feature a big compartment and smaller pockets to keep things. The crossbody bags can be ideal for your daily use.

28. Belt Bag

Belt bags

Belt bags can also be considered as crossbody bags because they wrap around your waist. However, they are very compact to keep only the essentials in smaller sizes. Belt bags are very fashionable and the wrap around design makes it easily approachable.

You can have them in a variety of materials like sporty nylon, and refined leather. Easy material gives an amazing look to these bags.

29. Box Bag

Box bags

Box bags are smaller like clutches but can be bigger than them. They feature rectangular shapes and a very polished appearance. Different fabrics like leather or wood are preferable for making such bags. You can take them to your formal, informal, and casual public gatherings..

30. Coin Purse

Coin purse bags

If you carry loose change with you and large purses can seem fit to your needs, you should try the coin purses. They are smaller and much more practical in terms of carrying money, especially coins. They are basically strapless and compact just to keep them in hand.

Or, you can put them in your big purses or bags too. They usually have zips for opening and closing them but customized coin purses can have any design you want.

31. Crochet Bag

Crochet bags

Crochet bags are a symbol of elegance and style. They are so aesthetically rich that you can use them with any outfit possible. In fact, they can complement both your casual and formal wear.

32. Sling Bag

Sling bags

If you require a bag with a sporty look, a sling bag should be your choice. It is designed to drape over one shoulder. This feature is practical in terms of comfort, convenience, and style. The sling bags come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.

However, a medium size is usually more preferable to carry it around. These bags feature only a single strap, making it easy for you to access the essentials. Sling bags serve the purpose of keeping the essentials close while you are traveling.

33. Straw Bag

Straw bags

Straw bags are among the compact bags that are ideal for outings, beach visits or picnics. They are made of natural materials and offer a relaxed vibe. Due to being organically made, these bags are sustainable and very fashionable.

34. Wallet

Wallet bags

Wallets for men and women are both very practical. They are designed to keep cards, money, and smaller items like pictures. They are sleek and practical. Also, there are so many design variations. Some have zips, many have magnets, and various wallets have none, as they fold to stay closed.

How to Choose the Right Bag?

Choosing the perfect bags depends on a few important factors. Here are some steps you can take to choose the bag of your desire:

Do what suits your needs: You need to consider the reason why you need a certain bag. Are you going to use it for daily office work, hiking, formal occasions, or any other reason? You can then decide the bag of your requirement.
Consider the following:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Purpose
  • Design
  • Practicality
  • Functionality
  • Pockets
  • Durability
  • Compartments
  • Finishing
  • Your budget
  • Straps

What Are The Fabrics Used in Bags?

Fabrics used in bags manufacturing

Fabric matters a lot in making bags in order to develop and enhance the durability, which is always the first priority of manufacturers. However, style is another thing that comes with high-quality materials.

Here are some of the names of fabrics popular for making appealing and durable bags of all kinds:

Mesh: increases versatility and sturdiness.

Leather: One of the most popular choices due to being easy to style.

Vegan Leather: Its sustainable properties make it an environment friendly fabric.

Nylon: Very affordable, and flexible, which is good for making durable bags.

Canvas: Best fabric to create bags that are used for day to day activities. It is durable and not easily compromised.

Straw: Perfect for bucket or basket bags. We can say that picnics and outdoor activities become more fun when the bags are made with straw materials.

Cotton: is famous for being a versatile fabric. You can apply various colors and patterns on cotton to make an eye-catching bag. Tote bags are the best example since manufacturers often use cotton to manufacture such bags to make them sustainable, stylish, and suitable to people’s personality.

We Can Make the Perfect Bags for You

It would be better if you approach a manufacturer for these types of bags. Luckily, Mega Apparel is the leading premium custom bag manufacturer to offer you the premium quality bags of all kinds. We can also provide you with the fabric knowledge you need.

The reason is that we have an understanding regarding the fabric materials and threads. We know which particular material is best for what type of bag. So, our assistance will only prove to be beneficial in every way possible.

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