Different Types of Fabric: Natural and Synthetic Materials

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If you are an apparel enthusiast or a brand aspiring to launch a startup, you need detailed information about various types of fabric. The classification of fabrics indicates two different types, which are natural and synthetic fabrics. This blog will serve as a guide to give you all the knowledge on what materials are and how they are used in various types of clothing.

What is the Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Fabric?

The naturally produced types of fabric are made from natural materials. These materials include cotton, silk, and wool. The man-produced or artificially induced raw materials are synthetic fabrics. These types of clothing materials include rayon and nylon. There are many other kinds of materials that fall under the category of natural and synthetic fibers.

The Diverse Range of Clothing Materials You Should Know About

Here is a list and details of all the fabrics used in different types of clothes:


Cotton Grey Fabric

Cotton is among the most common and popular kinds of clothing material extracted from the cotton plant. This fabric is known for its breathability factor, which is amazing for summer clothing. Manufacturers use cotton in making shirts, towels, pants, and all the other clothes that are lightweight and suitable for warmer weather conditions.


Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon is one of the most event- and festival-friendly fabrics since it is commonly used by people to wear to weddings and other eventful gatherings. This material is made from synthetic fabric and silk, or both in combination. The qualities of chiffon are its nature of being lightweight and soft in texture. It is a popular fabric to manufacture lingerie, gowns, formal dresses, blouses, scarves, ribbons, and more.


Denim Fabric

The popularity of denim is not unknown to the world. It is part of the cotton family and a perfect fabric material to create jeans, skirts, shirts, and jackets. Denim is popular for many reasons, including its durability, appropriateness for every occasion, and climatic conditions. Also, denim clothes are a major part of fashion, casual, and trendy outfits.


Leather Fabric in different colors

Another fashion symbol is leather in modern society. Jackets and pants are the most common wearables created from leather. The fabric is made of animal skin, which makes it highly strong and durable. Leather clothes are excellent for winters or cold climatic conditions because they are non-breathable. It is also used to make belts, wallets, bags, home decor items, and so on.


Crape Fabric

Crape is a versatile fabric due to being made of various materials, including synthetic fibers, cotton, silk, and wool. This is the reason why customers call it by different names, like cotton crape, wool crape, and silk crape. This material has a rough surface, which is why it stays wrinkle-free.

The properties of crape include softness and comfort. It is commonly used in making dresses, shirts, skirts, suits, blouses, and scarves. It is also famous for its usefulness in designer apparel, as georgette is the raw material specifically used in manufacturing such delicate clothes.


Lace Fabric

The origin of lace indicates its making from linen and silk. However, cotton thread, synthetic fibers, or wool are used to make lace. It is manufactured with knitted looped, twisted, yarn, or thread. The interesting thing about lace is the combination of its ground fabric and the design holding the fabric.

Lace is believed to be a luxurious fabric but requires a lot of care due to its lack of strength, as it is very fragile. The fabric is popular for lingerie, gowns, and veils.


Silk Fabric

Silk is the softest and most comfortable fabric of all, created from the fibers extracted from silkworms. It is used to make various kinds of clothes, which are expensive due to the high cost of silk. The material is shiny, delicate, smooth in texture, and durable. It is used to manufacture the finest quality dresses, gowns, skirts, sleepwear, blouses, etc.


Satin fabric in green color

Satin can be considered another variant of silk since it is produced with silk and other synthetic materials. The properties are nearly similar to those of silk, as it is shiny, smooth, and comfortable. It is also one of the more expensive types of clothing materials. It is used in lingerie and sleepwear products.


Polyester fabric

Polyester is a synthetic material made of plastic. Its properties are different from those of a variety of fabric materials. It has good strength, a stain-resistant nature, no-shrinking, inexpensiveness, and non-stretching ability. It is good to manufacture curtains, bedsheets, several clothing products, and pillowcases.


Rayon Fabric

Rayon is a widely used fabric material that is considered an artificial silk. It is not expensive but very popular, soft, and comfortable. However, the fabric is fragile and lacks the element of durability. The two types of rayon are viscose and modal.

Spandex or Lycra

Spandex Fabric

The other name of spandex is lycra, which is best suited for manufacturing sportswear products due to being stretchy and flexible. The clothes made from lycra have the effect of hugging the body closely.


Velvet fabric

Like silk, velvet is also very soft and comfortable, but it has a thick texture. Tufted fibers are used to make velvet, which is known for being luxurious. Velvet is commonly used in making bed sheets, coats, jackets, dresses, and several other occasional outfits. It is averagely expensive, which means neither cheap nor costly.


Bamboo Fabric

The fabric composition of bamboo is based on natural and organic means, as it comes from the bamboo plant. This is why it is an environment-friendly fabric with hypoallergenic properties. It has high insulation and increased softness. Bamboo fabric is also antibacterial as well as absorbent.


Hemp Fabric

Hemp comes from the hemp plant, making it a natural fabric. Usually, hemp is used for industrial purposes, like making ropes and sails. However, when it is mixed with a series of other materials, it can be used in various apparel products like jackets, socks, t-shirts, trousers, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.

It is very expensive, and manufacturers only produce hemp products in large bulk quantities.


Knowing about fabrics is very important for brands, especially startups, in order to get high-quality products. There is a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics that are used to manufacture different types of clothes. If you are a brand looking for more information on clothing products and materials used to create the finest-quality apparel products, this blog has the definition of natural and synthetic fibers along with various types of material you need to know about.

Also, sourcing fabric is easy when you have a reliable fashion apparel manufacturer by your side to guide you about the perfect materials for your clothing. All you need to understand is that an apparel producer like Mega Apparel can help you with your fabric options as well as your clothing choices to start an apparel line.

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